Kate Campbell

Lead Creative Designer

Hi! I'm Kate

I’m the Lead Creative Designer and Founder of Kato Swim. Welcome to my profile.

My Design Philosophy

I started Kato Swim out of a love for creativity and quality design. I wanted to create fresh, bold, unpredictable swimwear that reflected the Australian beach life, and the women who live it. I mostly work with strong colours and one of a kind prints, and the end result is striking. Colour, sunshine, warm nights and happiness are what drive my design philosophy and process at every stage. I’m here to bring you something intrinsic to your life.

Who Am I?

I’m a devoted swimwear designer from Sydney, where I studied fashion design at the FBI Fashion College. I’ve produced 3 signature collections which you can check out below. When I’m not designing I throw my Creative Direction hat on, assisting and guiding our team to bring together the future collections of Kato Swim.

My Collections


The early beginnings of Kato Swim unfolded on the floor of my tiny apartment in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and I have to say, I still do most of my work sprawled out on the floor (it’s where inspiration strikes me most!). My design process involves a lot of mess, and often I start designing something and end up somewhere completely unexpected. One of the things I love about my process is the exploration of colour, contrasts and gorgeous textures in each concept.


The main drive behind designing my swimwear is that I want the wearer to be able to feel the quality in the construction, the uniqueness of the design and the comfort of fabric. Above all else, I want the wearer to have fun, because if you can’t have fun in a bikini then you’re certainly doing something wrong!

Not only am I conscious of the impact my swimwear has on the women who wear it, but I am also conscious of the impact it has on the environment. This is why I have started incorporating sustainable lycra into my designs. Vita Xtra Life Lycra is made from 100% regenerated nylon and polyester fiber from post-consumer materials, so you can feel even better in your Kato Swim bikini.

My Designs

Get to know my Swimwear

All my energy and experience has been embodied in my Swimwear range. Created from the highest quality Italian Lycra, in our own original prints and all made right here in Australia. Head over to the Kato Swim Shop to get up close and personal with my collections.