nba竞彩,Fire drone

nba竞彩,Fire drone

nba竞彩产品简介 Fire droneFire drone

nba竞彩QZU-02Fire drone一、 Application advantage1、Separation of man and machine, security   The traditional manual entry into the fire field is very dangerous. The drone can replace the personn


nba竞彩QZU-02Fire drone


nba竞彩一、 Application advantage

nba竞彩1、Separation of man and machine, security

nba竞彩   The traditional manual entry into the fire field is very dangerous. The drone can replace the personnel to collect fire information from the fire field, including high temperature fire detection, toxic gas collection, and trapped personnel search.

nba竞彩2、Low cost, high performance

nba竞彩   UAVs are low-cost to use and maintain, but can achieve the same functions as manned aircraft.

nba竞彩3、 Responsive and unrestricted

   Upon receiving the fire alarm, the drone was not blocked by the road congestion. The first time it arrived at the fire, the fire was transmitted back to the command center.

4、Multiple function mount options

   The load includes high-definition cameras, thermal imaging cameras, low-light cameras, fire hoses, gas masks, gas collection devices, life-saving ropes and other fire-fighting equipment to assist in fire prevention.

 二、 System composition

UAV system


Communication Systems

COFDM near-end image transmission system / 4G remote image transmission

Other function modules

Zoom camera, low-light night vision device, thermal imager, throwing, tilting photography system, air call system, etc.

三、 Application scenario

1, rapid, close fire reconnaissance

2, fire rescue

3. Communicate information to the site

4, emergency rescue

5, direct fire

6, communication relay

7, map 3D mapping

8, mobile emergency command

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