nba分析,Qingzhun-technical inspection and integration of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, successfully entered the Ministry of Public Security police equipment agreement procurement supplier directory

2018-07-21 10:39:58 Qingzhun-technical 4

nba分析    On May 31, 2018, the company quickly inspected and integrated the armed unmanned aerial vehicle. With good military quality and perfect after-sales service, it successfully entered the catalogue of procurement suppliers of the police equipment agreement of the Ministry of Public Security (referred to as the 012 police catalogue).

nba分析                                                   警用无人机、察打无人机、武装无人机、消防无人机、侦察无人机、察打一体无人机、倾斜摄影无人机

nba分析      It is the first in the country to launch 15 armed cannons with a range of 230-400m. It can be transported to the battlefield with infantry vehicles. It can provide flexible and timely infantry within 8 kilometers. A new weapon system with continuous airpower support. At the same time, it has the functions of reconnaissance and rescue, and conducts low-altitude reconnaissance and precision strikes against enemy targets, and meets the purposes of police anti-terrorism, public safety, and military infantry cooperative operations.

nba分析                             警用无人机、察打无人机、武装无人机、消防无人机、侦察无人机、察打一体无人机、倾斜摄影无人机